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Move D, Sven Weisemann


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Move D (DJ-Set)
Sven Weisemann (solo Piano live)


  1. Alles klar ­čÖé

  2. sehr sch├Ân ­čÖé

    danke Sven & David

  3. Witzig! 1:11:11 klingt irgendwie nach DBX – Loosing Control in “modern art”.

    Sch├Ânes Video, bringt nochmal einige Eindr├╝cke mehr r├╝ber. Gro├čer Stoff!!! Dazu sollte Carsten vielleicht noch singen, lol… Knock, Knock, Knocking on Beta┬┤s door!

  4. Gaaanz gro├čes Set von David auch! Ein sch├Âner Abend war’s!

  5. nice sets, also compliments for piano session, chapeau!
    Anyone got a track id for 1:17?

  6. Easy listening sounds. Thanks.

    Track ID for 3:22, that one just crept up on me and kicked me in the Arse! Check that beat!

  7. hey biltricks1,

    the track you are searching for is (“the limelight ep” by Soulphiction & Move D.) Philpot Records 039.

    There are also another two great tracks on it.

    Great Set! Damn, that i am living here in the south of germany.


  8. Nice!

    What is the track at 19:52?? I have heard this song many times and need to know what it is!

  9. Nice touch of adding Piano to the set. Bravo!

  10. Loving the track starting at around 3 hours 15 mins. What is it??? Anyone know?


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