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Baum & Echochord


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RESOE aka DENNIS UPROCK aka KREW (Baum / Kopenhagen)

KENNETH CHRISTIANSEN aka NED (Echochord / Kopenhagen)


  1. Excellent showcase of dub techno from the Danish Echochord/Baum crew. Nice mix of old and new dub techno. Good set.

  2. Friends from Copenhagen 🙂
    lack of real deep h. now we got it!

  3. Couldn’t be much deeper.


  4. Shah-Zaam! Super-elctro chill. Best set I’ve heard in a while. I need more Fav’s like this one!

  5. been away for a few years (settling and stuff). Well well, this is electro dub then??? In the days we called it deephouse. Nice set though!

  6. One of the nicest! Big up!

  7. What a great set! Thank you very much Dennis and Kenneth. I especially like the track starting at ~1:03:13. What is that?

    Again, thanks for the great music!

  8. at 1:03:13 it sounds to me like Cobblestone Jazz, especially the vocoder.
    They bring up a new album at the next time. But i don´t know, what it is?!

    Great Music – I love Echocord!

  9. Great Show 😉

  10. Hi everyone!
    Anyone knows the track starting about 51:00??

    Thanks Echochord/ Baum for mixing these great tunes up so nice!!

  11. Excellent set to work to.

  12. goobadoo, I second that…
    thanks guys.

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