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  1. yes great set!!!but whats the first track??? very very nice… thanx

  2. avorite set! spring time!

    hej arash – güße von der sonnigen donau
    vielleicht klappt es nächstes mal mit einem treffen . .

    nicole * eric

  3. DR Tipsy
    great set
    ,,3 stars,

    new website homie

    Nuff Respect

  4. Nice work! Sounds really good,,, you’ve got skillz !! Thanks for bringing it to my ears betalounge.

  5. This is my favorite mix every year. You guys have superb taste with so many surprises- awesome. Thank you so much!

  6. This is one of the best sets in ages, perfect for the hazy, crazy blue sky weather we have in the UK at the mo.

  7. connaisseur sounds are lifting my spirits. thanks for putting this set together, we are feeling it all the way here in chile. maximum respect. peace

  8. hello,

    i also need to know the first track…. i really love this bras-style!

    thank you for this great set and for the sunshine!

  9. good to hear you all feel what we feel…

    first track is from the amazing “hypnotic brass band” and called – please check out their webpage:



  10. ouf..forgot to put in the name of their song: “New Earth”

  11. Hi,

    I’d like to know the name of the track at 01:20:34. Just tuned in and I am enjoying every minute of it!

    p gonzalez

  12. Thank you very much!
    The song is “Miscommunication” off the forthcoming Timbaland Album “Shock Value”. The female singer is Keri Hilson.
    Keep enjoying!

  13. hello djoke,

    thank you for the information, i now started the 8th or 9th time your show, just to listen to song again and again and again… 🙂

    soooo goood and deep vibes!


  14. wer textet uns da am anfang eigentlich die ganze zeit so derbe zu………..ich will geilere ansagen, kinnas!!! vorallem zu so einem hardcore set – big up for assoto, vielen dank!

  15. i am still alive and listening to your tunes! Dont forget ur pals in LDN…. ESP is still going strong!

  16. That Bras is candy for my ear hole….what J5 track is that at 1:07 ish- any knowledge ?

  17. Mr. Stevey_Jay, the song is called “Get It Together”. It’s on their most recent album “Feedback”.
    It’s banging, so get krunk.
    Ya dig?

  18. who is right after J5? that ish is bangin…. (1:08:25) “who-who”

  19. I feel you, friction!
    That ish is the Ratatat Remix of Beanie Sigel & Dirt McGirt “When You Hear That”.
    Ratatat are a two man crew from NY. They’re BANGIN for real.
    Check out also “Loud Pipes” at 47:23, right after that, their Remix of Kanye West, Talib Kweli & Common “Get ’em High”, “Seventeen Years” at 3:40:34 and right after that “Wildcat”, their first single off their new album “Classics”.
    I luuuuuv ’em!

  20. Cool Sat bros = Righ on! Any way to get the tracklist ? thanks in advance – peace . Jazzroom

  21. The BetaLounge and Assoto crew do it again. Nice work gents. What’s the silky French track around 2:35:20? Never wished I spoke French before, first for everything I guess.

    BigUp SF massive and heads the EastSiiide doin it.

  22. ummm, any way of getting these sessions on the ipod??

  23. Hey DerekVM, that song is “Antenne 2” from the parisian Crew TTC. The album it’s on has just been released on Big Dada. It’s named “3615”. Some wild shit on that… definitely worth a listen.
    word to the mutha.

  24. Exxxxxelent stuff!
    anyone knows the track at 1:21 i guess something by Timbaland?
    keep up the good work, respect!

  25. love it. My favorite. keep up the great work!

  26. Derek, i advise u to listen the second album of TTC “batard sensible” “sensitiv bastard”…..kicking ass.

  27. @ bastien:
    At 1:21 that’s Timbaland with Keri Hilson “Miscommunication” off his recently released album “Shock Value”. At 1:20 thats also Timbaland with Justin Timberlake “Good Foot” from some Soundtrack.

  28. good mix!

    anyone knows the track at 2:42 plz?

  29. @ mowax

    yeah..great new track from K-os called ‘Sunday Mornings’ from his recent lp ‘Atlantis: Hymns For Disco ‘..superb canadian musician..please check


  30. Hello there.
    anyone knows what´s the brazilian music remix on minute 17-18?


  31. @ alexandrevz

    that’s “the garden” of dj cut chemist’s (formerly part of jurassic 5) recently released lp “the audience is listening”..


  32. welcher jay-z track um 01:00 ist das? nice nice nice…
    netter mix sowieso…

  33. Great choice robak, that song is “Do U Wanna Ride” feat. John Legend off the “Kingdom Come” album. Love that part in the third verse where the melody gets a different twist.

  34. anyone know who is at 1:24?

  35. @ doremifaso

    late response, but I just began listening for the first time & concerning the first track, even if I’m not 100% sure, I’d say it’s the “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble” from Chicago. I stumbled over them playing in the street in the heart of Berlin and was mesmerized immediately. As far as I know, they only have some self-published stuff out right now. I bought a vinyl-10″ with two tracks, but I also saw they had one or two selfmade CD’s. Don’t know how to get their stuff, except they’re standing in front of you. Check out:

    Cheers, Lars

  36. Yessir neriksson!
    That is the french electronica project Cassius. They are Philippe Zdar and Boombass. They used to produce Hip Hop in the early nineties. Latter one was the man behind some of MC Solaars dopest tracks. They were also doing some serious work as “La Funk Mob” and had a bangin club hit with “1999” in 1999.
    This song here is called “See Me Now”. Check out their album “15 Again”. Pharrell is on a sweet collabo tip there too.

    By the way, as always – Scott brings the power:
    and if they say you’re crazy:
    Get krunk ta dis!!!

  37. thanks Reefster, much appreciated! Will check it out.

  38. and what’s that at 1hr14mins?

  39. Ah yeah! that’s that fly disco clap once again on Latyrx’ “Lady Don’t Tek No”. Latyrx are Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born. They are members of a super villain collective referred to as “Solesides” (including DJ Shadow, Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel).

    Oh, unfortunately I don’t have no idea how to get this on an iPod…
    I guess you just have to rock the Beta Lounge 24/7 baby.

  40. fantastic! so diverse and yet supreme 😉

  41. beautil remix of “baden powell & vinicius de moraes – canto de ossanha”

  42. Hello my dear friends!

    thank you for the vibes at waagenbau, welcome to connaisseurs!

    i see you there

  43. delicious – every minute – revelation. congratulations.

  44. tubas! what a great way to start a set!

  45. hey!
    anyone know who it is at 4hr36mins?


  47. @ nerikson

    this is damian marley feat. nas ‘road to zion’ off his hit album last year, where also ‘welcome to jamrock’ was on..

  48. @ neriksson

    yo damn..forget it…i mixed it up..that family is too large..

    it’s STEPHEN Marley with Mos Def ‘Hey Baby (Rmx)’ off his 07 album ‘mind control’..

    bút if you like that one you gonna like that damian joint too, same vein…

  49. nuff respect from Barca !! really nice set – true connaisseur style !!!

  50. @reefster
    hallo kannst du mir sagen wer das bei 2std 15 ist…
    mist ist mir ein wenig unangenehm da ich eigentlich wissen sollte wer das ist – liegt mir auch auf der zunge…..

    ….und abgesehen von diesem (set) hast du noch ein paar kaufen gehen tipps? schöne weihnachtszeit

  51. Hey hugnakiss,
    bei 2:15:00 laufen die unvergleichlichen Hall & Oates mit \”Out Of Touch\”. Da hab ich noch verwunderte Blicke geerntet 😉
    Bei 2:44:00 läuft noch K-oS mit \”Sunday Morning\”, wunderschöner Song von dem Kanadier. Danach kommt \”Rehab\” von Amy Winehouse. Bei 4:23:00 beginnt Game feat. Nas mit \”Why You Hate The Game\” in der extended version, produziert von Just Blaze. Großartiges Instrumental. Das ist mal ne Hymne…
    Schönes Ding, da schau ich zufällig in die alte Show und da ist doch tatsächlich noch dein (halbwegs) frischer Kommentar…
    Tolles Timing!
    Hug & a kiss,

  52. ach herrlich schau auch grad nach noch längerer zeit mal wider hier rein , höre was ihr an dem samstag so gemacht habt…und da seh ich deine antwort. danke reef.

  53. Still feeling 🙂

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