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Florian Keller (a tribute to James Brown)


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Party-Keller / Munich


  1. James Joseph Brown,
    the godfahter of soul.

    Danke, und eines Tages fahr ich bestimmt nach Georgia.

  2. James Brown RIP

  3. Thats one of the best soul sets ive ever heard…question….is that Popcorn Charlie at 25 min Charles Spurling?

  4. Nice work reminding us of the godfather of soul. He always be a legend.
    Track starting at 1:14 kicks ass. Great stuff!

  5. Thx Florian!…great moments

  6. James Brown! A man that mos def left his mark & music on us!

  7. I’m lovin it! Thanks for layin’ it down like that!

  8. Thanks for this great set. Wonderful Florian!!
    Peace & Love for the BetaLounge Crew.

  9. Great set. can any one tell me the name of the track around 1:36:00?

    Peace and love

  10. Heavy bro, very Heavy.

  11. long live the god father…

  12. giving up food for funk indeed…

  13. awsome set, funk to the max, HIT MU, HIT MU ONE MORE TIME!


  14. Hi. Does someone know what the name is of the track at 02:10:00? (sounds like that has been remixed already; yes I know that is an ignorent comment šŸ™‚ )

  15. f-ck the beatles JAMES BROWN is the greatest musician EVER there would be no funky beats without him!long live the soul brother #1 ,the man ,the music ,the legend JAMES”motherfucking”BROWN his music will live long beyond the state of america, beyond the planets and the stars beyond life and death where music is everlasting.Humanities last savior is music enjoy this shit before it’s to late

  16. great to hear Florian here

    i’m an old atomic/ muffathalle guy from munich. went to countless shows over 10 years.
    florian is really a good dj.


  17. I paid my respect to the godfather and listened to this set. I just went to the bathroom and noticed my sideburns grew 2 inches.

    James you are missed.

  18. Do listen to the last 2 hours, its off the chain.

  19. A betalounge gem. I am looking for the name of the track that starts at 1:04:35
    Thanks. Hope to hear more from Florian Keller in the future.
    R.I.P. James Brown

  20. to elistor:
    that track is on the Mojo Club Dancefloor Jazz CDs, check them out!

  21. to bas droesen:
    at 2:10 that’s Lyn Collins, unmixed!
    It’s on the James Brown’s Funky People II cd.

  22. pnfranca: Thank you. Just bought that (in time for this year\’s x-mas)

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