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Efdemin, Denis Karimani


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  1. Makes my balls tingle. Good stuff!

  2. …straight to my cortex…

  3. whoa. ditto. great sounds.

  4. got the track listing there bro, wkd btw…

  5. ecellent minimal mix cheers Fin

  6. WoW!!! Great Set! I am very interested in the track starting at 1h 26m 30s. I love that sound… Oval


  8. Great… Great! studying is nice while listening.

  9. ..actually LOad.. sicckk..

  10. excellent beats, look forward to work with you in the future. Phylo and Mitch

  11. whoa! click bleep snarl bloop.. whoa! brain dun poo poos…

  12. First track is a killer. Does anyone know what is that? Love this set. God save BetaLounge!

  13. Efdemin; the beast of modern house. (by the way: when does that frigging Auf und ab on JUST come out?!) Dennis Karimani: better than a sober dj koze. awaydays

  14. excellent! (1st set). this mix is where my head had has been at for a long time. minimal, bouncy, house. a little dark. a little dreamy. atmospheric. open. but 100% bouncy and groovy. well done. i will be making my own mix shortly to take the journey a bit further. more quality sets like this please. long live minimal, techy, dark, bubbly house. micro. minimalism is a way of life. redux. show restraint. chop away all the unnecessary filler and chatter and get to it. i like the the jackin’, dirty, noisy big room sounds as well. but i use the same philosophy – get to the best parts and make it funky. respect.

  15. First track is: The Deep – Earth Ep – Basenotic ca. 1998/99…

  16. On a scale of 1-10 this mix is a 10! Definitely a keeper.

  17. dial style the only one we trust and love since day one thumbs up for the two wizkidz from hamburg raise your glasses high and enjoy music just the way it should be…

  18. hey cristopherhell! aufundab has reached distribution and will be out on 4th july! PIGON, baby!

  19. propper mix philly bis demnaechst

  20. good n proper…………free yo mind and ya ass l follow

  21. zuper

  22. yoooooooooooooooooooo…….the best dj set…….superdeepminimalelekronicmusic……..yooooooooooo

  23. phat… i luv yo tunes!!! efdemin kicks ass!!!^^

  24. Efdemin is a badass motha fucka! Great set with Denis Karimani!

  25. Shout out from the future. 2022 and I keep coming back, over 20 years of Betalounge!

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