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Hausmann C


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  1. i really like this set. laidback at its best.
    especially min 37 and 1,31,… ( and 3,14,…) made me smile.
    while sitting in a internet cafe again, my burning interest would be a copy of this set.
    thank u hausmann

    tanzend lauf ich jetzt wieder nach hause und lass den sonntag ausklingen

  2. cool and refreshing like a moisture towlette from KFC applied to a sweaty crack.. thanks for that.. hausmann you rock my house man…

  3. Really laid back – great easy listening with some amazing tunes.

    Great set!!

  4. Great mix with some interesting sounds from accross the spectrum…

  5. What do you mean sweaty crack? Do I need to hear that, do i need that image in my head.

  6. Nice set! A perfect companion for those quiet moments in your cubicle when you close your eyes and imagine that you’re a shaved ice salesman, working out of the back of an ’88 Aerostar mini-van parked in front of Lumaha’i Beach on Kauai.

    Then you open your eye and read about mikerism’s sweaty crack…lovely.

    Just like this set.

  7. very nice set indeed!

    anybody happen to know the track name that is at 2:27 in the mix? how can people work without the help of the betalounge 🙂

  8. This one`s gonna be your favourite! Really cool. The Meister himself has put together a fine piece of vinyl-concertuoso oder so. Check it.

  9. a BIIIGGG respect for bringing KERRIER DISTRICT (approx 02:11:30)!!!

    Amazing set!!!!

    Bless up!

  10. hello (hallo),
    i thank you so much for the Blumen and wünsche ein peacefull christmas und a splendit shift
    (guten rutsch) in2005!!!!!!
    all your fragen i will answer in the new year – yeah!

    best time – love hausman

  11. hi mr. hausmann, alles gute fuers neue jahr. und mach die leute weiter mit deiner music happy!!!

  12. Yeap verry schmoov indeed!
    And i agree with ybfunktion and would like to know which track is at 2.27??
    Sounds like another environ/geist release.

  13. Any set which has Mr Rossi in it gets my vote 😀

  14. sauber…yeah!!!

  15. Frohes Neues liebe Leute!!!

    Der spitzentrack bei 2.27 ist Metro Area 5 (Environ 019) – ein herrliches Stück
    movin & grrroovin forever…

  16. verry nice mix..splendid

  17. delicious mix. the perfect accompaniment for monday morning at the office…

  18. does anyone know the track at around 1:15:00??
    thx for replies


  19. not possible

  20. to put more than

  21. hä? hi doc, the track your’e looking for is called: the player by schooly d (man rmx) on mother records. cheers, hausmann

  22. aaaah, also anführugszeichen sind nicht funktionabel im discussionboard daher weht der wind 😉 …

  23. @betafan: thx fo that mate 🙂


  24. So coool and Sunschine Music!!!!!!
    Gimi so mo!!!!

  25. Sehr cool to see this Set again online After so Land years. Gleichwise als gestern–scotty91

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