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Carl Craig, Nikola


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San Francisco’s S.W.A.T. and reddot team up to bring you Carl Craig afterhours. A surprise and a pleasure… S.W.A.T. resident Nikola wraps things up nicely.


  1. As usual a superb and diverse mix from the main man Carl Craig.

  2. Carl Craig is very difficult act to follow (unless you happen to be Kevin Saunderson), but Nikola did a great job. I’d love to see more of him. And while I’m posting requests… How about Kevin Saunderson too??? That would be almost too good to be true, Carl Craig & Kevin Saunderson this year… Duuuuuuuude…

  3. wasn’t really moved by this set. boring at some points.

  4. Occasionally rough mixes, but some superb tracks….speaking of which, can anyone ID the track playing from 56-59:00? thx… Scott

  5. i like the second artist! would you please teach me who they are ?

  6. i correct my question below. the second artist on carl craig’s mix. thanks.

  7. @upasi: tALKING hEADS – Once In A Lifetime

  8. thanks! i will buy the cds for sure !

  9. oh my dear betalounge, … since a couple of week i am playing that song from 01:20:00 – 01:25:17 in loop… can please anybody help me to get to know that artist who did it … so that i can spent my little income on bying it on vinyl … you rock! thanks alex

  10. great set! and great track at 52:00!

  11. @alex: spektrum – kinda new (tiefschwarz dub) / playhouse 087 have fun…

  12. @gruvr: thank you – *think blowing kisses in your direction is not what you want … although i feel like* alex

  13. hi, can any id the track playing @ 24:00 in Carl’s set? thanks! -Daimyo

  14. hi, can anyONE id the track playing @ 24:00 in Carl’s set that is? thanks again! -Daimyo

  15. Yeah, i really like this set from Carl, he always knows to play some quality tunes! And the mixing isn’t that bad either, i had heard him doing some worse sets. Nice!

  16. can anybody tell me, what the first track is? piano tribal style, before talking heads? anyway: great set! looking foward to seeh c. craig this thursday in the hamburg tanzhalle….

  17. Hello, Can anyone tell me what the trax is @ 01:00:27. The one with the Eddy Murphy sample over it ( Love’in the lord is right). Cheers Geelz

  18. hi there, could anyone id me the track at 1:12 and this before. great set of carl. thx jass

  19. so that’s what you’re doing while workin at mdr, jass. the track you’re searching for sounds real hot actually. looking forward to hearing it on the 26th of june at palm beach… 🙂 cheers!

  20. Excellent music. Needs to practice mixing though.

  21. yeah you must tear it up heaps more than carl craig

  22. Has anyone an idea which track is played at 49:00?

  23. yeah, keeps me hanging too my speakers!! lovely tracks, Thank you CC !! Cheers J!

  24. I like what your bringin to the table .. a spicy dish with many flavors. Well done.

  25. Hello everybody! I’m looking for the name of the 4th track (african style). Help me please…. Paco vegas. !!!!Betalounge RULES!!!!

  26. I think the fourth track is a remix of a reggae track from the 200% Dynamite Compilation Album.

  27. BAYta lounge does it again,I seen Nikola at 1015 when Felix da house cat was playin,that brotha is bad.Nice funky elektro/house stuff.Makes me wanna bone tha speaker….foreal.

  28. alex moire wrote: oh my dear betalounge, … since a couple of week i am playing that song from 01:20:00 – 01:25:17 in loop… can please anybody help me to get to know that artist who did it … so that i can spent my little income on bying it on vinyl … you rock! thanks alex does anyone know that track???????? please!!!!

  29. The track around 1:23 is Spectrum: Kinda New (Tiefschwarz remix) And I think it’s on Playhouse. might have it on vinyl.. Tore.

  30. good :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  31. Just became addicted to this set, now I’m dancin’ by myself

  32. For paco and watkinm, the reggae track that comes after the Moxie edit of Talking Heads is a bootleg of ‘Funky Kingston’ by Toots and the Maytals. The bootleg is by a UK mob called Street Choir – shouldn’t be too difficult to hunt down. The latin broken beat track after it is by Rima/Domu on Compost, btw. For Jass, the track at 1.12 is Aaron Carl ‘DownÂ’. ItÂ’s an old track, but Doc Martin put it on his ‘Sounds you can feelÂ’ mix on Classic. Anyone got any ideas about the track just before the one hour mark 54 mins to about 59? That thing is a monster. Also, any help on the track from 1.34 – starts with all this skittery percussion – to 1.38? Anyone? Beuller?

  33. that set was off the hoook!! Legendary Carl Craig breakin it down with classic house with soul , and Nikola fuckin you up with some next level electro house madness…… siiickkkkkk

  34. DAIMYO: Late answer, but you asked for the track playing around 25 min into C. Craigs set. I don’t know if it´s a remix, or labelled a track of it´s own. The original track is called Angel Eyes by Canadian disco/hi-nrg group LIME. Though. Check:

  35. Have you guys ever tried this new drug, it´s called ecstasy and it´s just totally the bomb!!! I-F you listen to the music after taking this shit, the colors start to change and the music sounds like so much deeper. I really would like to recommend this drug…

  36. Hi I love this set by Carl Craig. Can anyone identify the track being played around 39 Minutes? It´s the track after his remix for Directions. This track is amazing.

  37. very great mixe:-)))))))

  38. dope real dope on the real……..whats the track on 22 minutes….its so funky i think i just creamed my pantaloons ps. carl craig is a bit of a master…i can’t see many faults with his mixing maybe some people should learn how to count to four…

  39. Rockin out while I work!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  40. Carl Craig is the man, my favorite Dj with Laurent Garnier. Once again an amazing set, ecclectism is the way of the DJ Can u Help me what are the 2 tracks between 50min and 60 min those are incredible Thankx and Longue live to Detroit

  41. hello out ther can anybod me offer the track between 1:31 and 1:34 that thing with some i think japanese vocals that would be great…. greets

  42. the japanese vocals are Spektrum – Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Remix) this set features also stuff like (in no particular order) Aztec Mystic – Aguila, Tres Demented – demented (or just crazy), theo Parrish – Falling Up (C2 remix), Aaron Carl – Down, Dj Sneak – Way Of Life, etc. etc. etc.

  43. oopos the track at 1:31 is 3rd face – canto del liberta (not japanese though, that’s why I thought you meant spektrum – kinda new)

  44. Anybody able to provide a tracklisting for this set? Thanks

  45. derjann :: Jun 6, 2004 :: 5:41 PM hi there, could anyone id me the track at 1:12 and this before. great set of carl. thx jass ——————– That would be ‘Down’ by Aaron Carl. Available on the Doc Martin ‘Sounds you can feel’ LP on Classic records from a few yrs back. At least that how i own it.

  46. hello out there can anybody offer me the track that starts at 1:36 with male vocals (kinda rap vocal) that would be great thanks and cheers

  47. hello, -great mix -please what is the track at 23:00. -thanx

  48. Prob best Carl mix I have heard. He usually is so hit or miss, but throws in a few great tracks every time. Love the song at 54:00-1:00:00

  49. any traxx after 1:07 i d be happy to tell you what they are , i just found this mix and barely remeber the eveing thanks beta lounge for preserving this nigh for me respect nikola

  50. truly a wonderful stretch of sound!

  51. @lanoiraude.. the track around minute 56 is theo parrishs falling up, i think even the carl craig remix..

  52. I still remember that night like it was yesterday. Hot damn that music is fantastic!!! I want my 2 dollars!!!!

  53. Holy Crap, This set had me excited right from the start with the talking heads remix, followed by the melodic soul jazz funk house music that really made me very pleased with Betalounge, thank you gentlemen, you have done it again!!

  54. What an awesome set. Does anyone know the track at 39 minutes (“They’re coming out” sample)? Also, what is the track just before Spektrum? Thanks.

  55. dam, its been 2 years since I first listened to this mix…..still lovin it!

  56. I love this … also been a couple of years since I heard this. Can’t get it out of my head, so occasionally I search for it… Love 18 min… actually all of it. This MADE our trip driving across the country a few years ago from SF. Also will never forget driving through the desert, late night @ 23 min.. the best…

  57. 39 min is quite a memory… such a great trip..

  58. nice chill warm up session poppin off ….

  59. someone please trainspot the chaos that is going on at roughly 1:14:00 and onwards for the next ten minutes . .. \”i like the way you shake it\” 🙂

  60. Boo Williams live @ Staple with Translucent(trumpet) 05/27/00 ??

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