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Hakobo vs. Yoshito, The Procussions, 370, Picadub


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A wicked live set from LA’s The Procussions, graciously hooked up by SF’s Fresco crew.


  1. you should’ve been there. it was hyped up and live…

  2. This Is a killer set everyone I know likes it. This is sweet stuff.

  3. I truly dig the Japan rap sound, I can’t get enough.

  4. Good Flow, nice to code to………..

  5. I really enjoyed listening to this session. Good Vibes! Keep it comming!

  6. hello_+

    does anybody now what the dub stuff was playing between the sets???

  7. nice nippon selection; some beat scratches at the beginning of the set could be better…

  8. kommunikator, the dub stuff between the sets is -Rhythm and Sound w/ The Artists-

  9. Who’s the people(90’s East coast thing…(?)) at about 11 minutes out in this session?

  10. Sondre;

    That would be Group Home.
    Wicked stuff

    This set rules.

  11. Awesome set, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!

  12. BombFat


    More of this, loads more….


  13. These Guys are HEAVY…check out these grooves. SWEET!

  14. On my betalounge journies, not sure how I missed this set.

    Selections like dope !!!

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