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Marc Schneider


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  1. i like this mix alot…. not feeling a lot of house music right now, but something about this mix really moves my bowels…


  2. Real nice about a half hour in- never heard that Sagittarian/Vegetarian trak B4- nice! Real nice smooth pace too. But, um after about 1:20 kinda drops off

  3. the vegetarian track is Joakim. the track after ‘Vibramatic’ is so hot, someone must i.d this one..45min. or so into the mix.

  4. No its 25min into the mix..

  5. can anybody ID the track that begins at 125 minutes. it is the phatest i’ve heard in a long, long time. every dj needs to own this

  6. Big shout out to devestatin marc on the wheelz… keeep it deeep

    Greetz from the weird bavarian guy


  7. eh oui en Français !!!!
    à écouter absolument
    trés bon mix avec une tres bonne programmation
    pratiquement 4h de pure plaisir
    c jouissif bordel
    non sans rire un trés bon moment
    si qqn a des info sur marc schneider?????

  8. the track@ min.125 is the random factor rmx of maetrik – freaky flow on big chief (bc022)!
    the track after vibromatic is seymour bits – bonparapara attack on klakson (nr8).

  9. sup

    whats the tune at 25 min?

  10. its seymour bits – bonparapara attack on klakson (nr8)

  11. Thanx. Marc?

  12. Great mix, quality tunes and deep grooves (say no more :-)!!!

  13. Not since I be drinkin’ chartreuse has I gots the groov-a-licious vibe I gots now, lissnin’ to da betalounge is givin’ me da spaz-feets, in the oh-wow zone of pure funkin’ bliss, baby!
    Girlfren adds: Track at around 40 min. makes her hot…gotta go, manful duty callz….

  14. What’s the track at 2:40? This is a nice mix. Marc, you are the man!

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