This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Metrologic, 370, Pole, Picadub


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  1. nice one!!! Like the bouncy stuff!!! Does anybody know the track at 31`11 ??? great tunes… keep on rollin …



  2. God damn. I forgot how good this mix was. Was revisiting it after about a year delving into other types of music. Metrologic’s section is especially incredible. The transitions make seemingly disparate tracks flow and the selection incorporates moody hip hop with more atmospheric experimentalism.

  3. Anybody have info on the hiphop track @ 51 min. The MCs rappin bout the disinfranchized in america. Artist? Label?

  4. dude where y’all at? in detroit lik.

  5. hey alley rumble and betachris…

    the track at 31.11
    BLACKMOON – Reality (killing every…)

    the track at 51.00
    DANGERMOUSE and GEMINI – Here we go

  6. oh my god – metrologic aka circuit73 – where the hell are you releasing your stuff?

  7. …in the dirty depths of the underground.

  8. wowwowwow!

    what a great mix. came back to this since a long time.
    this is it!
    first easy going then pole (great anyway) than the more bodymusic.
    verry good!

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