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Dabrink [3Klang/Toolbox]


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  1. die ersten 1 1/2 h sind schmoove bis funky.
    ab 1:28 h gibs auf die gusche ­čśë sehr geil [w├╝rde gern wissen wie der track heisst]

  2. Personally one of the best sets on Betalounge. Nice mix of house, tecno and funky beats. One that I will keep coming back to and would consider buying! Not too keen on some of the more recent sets (maybe a bit too experimental/arty farty?) but plenty of good ones around the time this Dabrink set came out!

  3. the start of the set still gives me the shivers: the combination of the richard weizs├Ącker speech and hybrid\’s unfinished symphony. well done, and i keep coming back to this energetic set, still. never run out of good music!

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