This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Hamburg-City sessions with Burnt Friedman


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  1. one of the greatest sets of all times. you must hear the music uninterrupted. the atmoshere is suggestive. burnt friedman will bring you in an other dimension. brilliant.

  2. Agree with radiowizard. Takes you on a journey across an imaginary FM radio band, very well done.

  3. magical, love to get the track listing especialy for the second half !. —

  4. ooooo la la la oooo… spin out man.. soft and curly wafts of smoke obscure my brain and make my crotch tingle and go POP!

  5. anybody have ANY sort of tracklisting for this set??

  6. this set still kicks ass

  7. has burnt done any more sets like this with him djing with his lovely space echo??

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