This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Travis, Perfect


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  1. Hey, im listening to this while working on my dissertation. Dissertation sucks but this isnt. Cheers Travis, Cheers Beta Lounge for making things easier. Three Banzai for you people.

  2. ditto for me. i’m listening to this while writing my diss.

    except i like both the music and my diss.

  3. Too bad music today isnt this good. Someone needs to bring the good vibes back. Thank God for archives. Beta Lounge, Thnx!

  4. a few years later… i’m working on my diss and listen to this betalounge session, enjoying music while the brain goes crazy…

  5. four years later, diss is almost done (two more weeks to go). i’m still listening to betalounge…

  6. Damn Eben, did you finish? What\’s it about?

  7. Hi,

    does anybody know title+artist of the tracks at
    02:39:50 and 02:43:10?

    Thanx in advance
    P. Gonzalez

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