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Mr. Scruff [Ninja Tune]


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  1. Dam straight heavyweight dancefloor styles! An ol’ favourite from a couple of years back that guaranteed to get yo’ wooble’n !!

  2. Much respect to the Scruffy one.

  3. i love fish too!

  4. scruff is the king of feel-good music that’s also smart. like a thinking person’s fatboy slim. hope he doesn’t mind that comparison, but anyway there it is.

  5. I just have to keep coming back to this one again and again…….enuf said.

  6. big ups! one of the fatest sets

  7. Can anyone name the song that begins around 15:40

  8. Saw Mr. Scruff w/ DJ Spinna in Portland a little while back…crowd pleasing and undeniably funky. This set is certainly a re-listener.

  9. oh god.. mr scruff.. make love to me with your beats.. insert them deep.. again and again and again…

  10. Does anybody now, if there’s a playlist available? Please comment.

  11. Fab!!!! A lot of what he played can be found on the Tru-Thoughts label.

  12. drop it like it’s haawwt..

  13. the first track of the mix??? grüße

  14. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  15. 2 ans que j’ecoute ce set , il est intemporel ………

    Je suis artisant et mangeur de musique, j’ai mis des enceintes dans chaque pièce de mon atelier comme ca ……il y a touours un peu de beta lounge ….dans les oreilles de chacun !!!!!



  16. hi there!

    the track where this woman sings – we got sunshine – we got it all (i guess that was she is singing)

    who is the artist – and what is the trackname


  17. haha hihi hoho yippee & hurray…. this kind of music makes me soooo happy 😀
    thx (with a delay of 5 years) for the set mr. scruff !!!

  18. kettele the song you enquire about is called “Sunshine Star” by Open Sky Unit.

    Holla at your boy!

  19. a smasher, nicely done / composed, wicked…

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