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Sex In Zero Gravity – Eli B., James Dee


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  1. One of my all-time favorite Beta Lounge mixes, all the more amazing considering the circumstances of its performance. Eli B and James Dee put down a solid set, and Lounge crew members make melancholy comments on the just-changed world. History through the eyes of the Beta Lounge.

  2. Indeed a very solid set that combines a very neat beat with background sounds – ideal for that part in a road trip when the city lights tell you are back home again.
    Keep beta lounge alive, a true gift

  3. Incredibly groovy, melancolic at points -yet beautifull set.
    On my personal betalounge all time top 5.
    If you enjoyed this: Be sure to check out Carsten Jost and Lawrence’s sets on this site.
    Thx For bringing us great music!!

  4. pretty fuckin special. listen to this, but only if you don’t really need to maintain a sunny, chipper attitude for the next four hours…queue it up when you can afford to be a little introspective.

  5. a prescient set for some prescient times.. nuff said..

  6. am a old admirer of your gicks and this recording is the beta lounge ever. live currently in kirgistan and have listened to this 9/11 show uncountable times. peace!

  7. I’d have to agree, and I’m personally connected to the set… I and my brother both lived in Manhattan at the time; they are both friends of his from when he lived in SF.

    We listened to this set a million times over the next six months. It just worked. James is originally a Northeasterner himself, from Boston.

  8. This is an amazing set, and I am really impressed that someone used the word prescient.

  9. This is a set I keep coming back to over and over again to listen. I can be in a contemplative mood, a good groove mood, high, any mood really and it always sounds fresh. That when you know its just really good music

  10. The track around 25:00 kicks ass! Outstanding!

  11. Strange introduction to be heard a few years later. I, too, remember that day.
    Show had to go on …

  12. I really love this show, the music is amazing, but to start with a dramatic note, because it’s only 2 days after september 11th 2001 you can still feel they try to understand what happened and the best way to get thru it is to do the show en enjoy life!

    Thanks to you

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