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Wicked – Jeno, Markie, Garth


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  1. Prolly my favourite set on betalounge. Jeno’s intro is incredible, not to mention the tracks thrown down by the resident dj’s in the first 20 minutes. a classic!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its no joke…i’ve been listening to the beta lounge for over four years now and this is undoubtedly the best DJ set……of any genre…that I have heard on here….

    These guys absolutely rock…..reminds me of Simon DK from the DIY crew

  3. yah someone also listens to this recordings. wicked mack. Do you have any idea when Garth starts his thing on this set. I have yet to figure that out…peace out c

  4. living in sf and getting to see these guys jam is awesome i am one lucky gal these guys are the shiznit and been doin it for years.

  5. this trio can definatley cut the mustard in my book yes i seen them in the early 90’s and then we brought wicked out to salt lake and they blew my fucking mind @ a party appropriatly named Wicked toons the flyers had loony toons along with the wicked logo and amazingly loony toons acid hahahah this set rocks i wish i was there or wait a minute was eye????? eye dont know where i’m really at now i’m wireless , tripping and lost in Ganmellpel sweden or is this amsterdam no eye was there this morning now im in sweden
    was eye born hereor did eye die and go to heaven

    i think i’ll stay here this looks like a good place to lister to that other wicked set i hope i never come down

    i’ll go now i see the cops /// sixa

  6. california etard house crap

    real nice people though, just hates me some house musik

  7. Can never go wrong w/ the WICKEDS… Been following this troupe from the East Coast for years from FL to NC and MN… Keep it up kids – don’t change a thing… DEEP DUBBY HOUSE WILL NEVER DIE…

  8. This is one of my favorite Jeno sets of all time!!!

  9. I’ve rocked with Wicked from Sunsets to Full Moons, Oakland chicken shacks, Denver warehouses, Austin bars, etc. It gets no better. For a SF transplant in Texas, a little slice of home is always nice. Any Thomas sets running around? Rob Doten? Toph?

  10. i agree. nothing is better than a wicked experience. regarding thomas sets, check out there’s a couple on there along with more sets from the other wicked dj’s. they don’t compare to seeing thomas live but if you try hard enough you can imagine him dancing behind the decks with his shaggy hair and beard. simply brilliant.

  11. wickedly wicked wickedness for your wicked eardrums.. and of course your arms and legs and genitals if you want to dance.. wicked.. makes me feel wicked .. and want to touch myself..

  12. Is it just me or does it sound like Thomas on the intro? Nonetheless it’s Wicked! Still stimultaing the soul and the imagination. So greatful to have access to these Wicked beats. Long Live Wicked. Jimmy-Dana Point, CA

  13. these guys are warlocks behind the decks. i remember magical moments from sf to seattle & beyond…..aaaaaaahhhh 91 till eternity.truly mindblowing record placements & vibes.

  14. whicked!!!!!!!!!!!

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