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Fumiya Tanaka at the Liquid Room, Tokyo, pt 1 [Digital Convenience Vol 6]


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  1. Amazing low dubby house set in the first hour leading to hard techno in the sixth, growing in speed and ferocity – addictive, well-mixed (minus one or two incredible fuck-ups – the mixer broke or what???), and the mad inhuman repetitive sublimity of brain-crushing techno that makes the soul ache. Obliterated by beats… Tanaka spun at Tresor-Berlin two days after I left a few years back and now I regret my flight utterly… This guy still around?

  2. Proly not…………commited suicide for fucking up…..those crazy japs hahahaha

  3. We need more Snappy techno like this.Reminds me of Bones but without the hip-hop Samples and breaks….Repetitive but devine.Made me wanna slap my mamma around 20 min into the 3rd set.She’s OK now though.

  4. I love his music.

  5. gets off to a slow start . . .

    nice and glytchie towards the end

  6. it rocks!!!

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