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Plugsta [Digital Convienence Vol 1]


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  1. let the high hat clash in time with me pumping my handbag in the air.. im sweating, my shirts off and im squinting and grinding my teeth.. take me there plugsta..

  2. This is simply wonderful … Earl grey with honey and cream; corn flakes with lots of brown sugar and warm milk; unidentified object, wonderful …

  3. i may need a map. getting old doncha know

  4. If by chance anyone could identify the track that peaks around 1:21 (starts at 1:19:30 ends at 1:23:40)

  5. Sorry for the late reply, just discovered this is archived. Track I think is 6 Katun by the wonderful Marco Passarani off his own Nature label in Italia, but almost certainly played at 45 instead of its intended 33. Nature released good records. Passarani`s cool.

    • 11 years after and you made my day this very day Plug 😀
      This is one the few mixes on here I still listen to everynow and then 🙂
      Much love

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