This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Phil Williams, Foxxee, Monty Luke


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  1. I can only believe that this set has slipped by unoticed somehow. I’m not sure how anyone could listen to this set and not have comments.

    This set is full of Pure, Uncut, Unadulterted Genius. Foxxee and Monty Luke both have the perfect mix of deep thumping base, the kind you feel in your chest, and melodic mystical lyrics that take you on a thrilling journey of House Exstacy.

    OMG this is HOT!!!

  2. I\’ve listened to this set for years… Never commented… I even like Phil Williams\’ set. I\’m back on it today. wheeee

  3. Even the betalounge crew is on the ball with the MCing…

  4. I know its a long shot but whoever can tell me the track at 40:20 gets a lot of lovin…

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