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Mouse on Mars live from Expo 2000, Hannover, Germany


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// LIVE 06.03.00 from the Expo2000’s youth media pavillion

// Mouse on Mars and FX Randomiz (aka Schlammpeitziger)

/// presented by 3deLuxe and the Beta Lounge

///support by


  1. this set kick arse, WoW dud

  2. yeah I love it!! Especially starting at 50:00…

  3. Mouse on Mars is amazing! This set is well worth your while. Does anyone recognize what track is being played starting around 56:00? That song is about the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

  4. Heya, squeeky little intro but like the guy before i`d really like to know the trak name about 56 mins in ! i have almost all mouses stuff but never heard that tune before…

    Bleep .. BLeep.. BLEELL[P]

  5. Just in case anyone is still interested, what is played around minute 56:00 can minimally be said to have a bunch of sounds from the song Dark F.X., but to say that this is literally that song…MMMM I don\’t know. I do know however that it is Genius!

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