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Remix – Doc Scott, Ed Rush, J. Majik


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  1. This set, along with the M-3, Empress, Drunken Monkey, E-sassin and Subcode from 1999, got me through damn near every marathon writing session I ever had throughout college. This is solid state accolade, a premier lung rumbling drum and bass shakedown.
    These guys are the Warrior Court Poets of Betalounge.

  2. This is one of the sickest throwdowns of 97 style darkside d’n’b in recorded history. It’s a real shame that most of the dubs were never given a proper release.

  3. these sets inspired me get into the wonderful hobby of mixing years ago .. and I am a techno dj!
    don’t take this set for granted.

    a heavyweight indeed …

  4. This is one of the single best drum and bass nights that I think I have ever heard. Ed Rush’s set here was one of the most influential things on me back in 98. I really would like to get my hands on a high quality recording of this.

  5. Big Jake sayz hol it down fo da dnb. Knucklheadz

  6. i have been into drum n bass since ’96 and it changed my perspective on a lot, based on the different levles of attitude from emotions that the musics ability has to draw out of you. Needless to say, this was obviously one of those types of nights when these 3 guys were scheduled to play. I’m not saying these typs of sets don’t happen less often than they should, but this was one of those events that most likely changed a lot for the drum n bass scene. That, and the music at that time in drum n bass was in my opinion, the best drum n bass that we’ve still ever heard. We have a lot to still learn and absorb from that era.

  7. 1997 was definently one of the best years in drum&bass if not the best year
    with labels lika No U-Turn,and the bristol sound and techstep at it´s best, artist´s like Future Forces smashing it , and Dillinja at his highest point…
    Roni Size wining the Mercury awards and so on ,
    and i have been listening too these set´s since i first heard them here on Betalounge in´98 and i think these set´s changed a lot for me,
    what can i say an instant classic set´s ,J-Majik´s set is a fav for me the tracklist is just whhhhhooouuut !

    Peace Andri M [Iceland]

  8. I remember this night, the first of the Monday night Ultra sessions that Funky Tekno Tribe did at VSF.

    My feet, they hardly touched the ground.

    If you’re ever in the mood to check out dnb in San Francisco anymore, come check the events section on

    Salaam, shalooooom,
    Max Duh

  9. Please bring back this Set!

    Ok, so, WHEN?!?

  11. ok, restored!

  12. Thank you!
    Still the best D&B mix
    I have ever heard!
    (Maybe that\’s \’cuz I was there!;@b)

  13. Classic stuff.

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